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Realising the full potential of farming is about growing and developing your business. When there is work to be done, you need the optimal setup and solutions to work as efficiently as possible. IsoMatch GEOCONTROL, an advanced precision farming application within the IsoMatch Tellus PRO and IsoMatch Tellus GO+ teminals, helps you to control all ISOBUS compatible machines. Combined with a GPS receiver it fulfills the future needs in terms of easy, smart and efficient farming! 

IsoMatch GEOCONTROL provides

  • Section control: Automatic switching on and off implement sections on headlands, boundaries and already covered areas to minimise overlap. You can now control up to 24 sections with an IsoMatch Tellus GO+ or 110 sections with an IsoMatch Tellus PRO.
  • Variable rate control: Automatically adjusts the implement application rate based on input from the field prescription. It is now possible to control 24 different rates at once.
  • Documentation: Saves all operational job data and field maps for exchange via USB to farm management information systems.
  • Manual guidance: Advised driving position using guidance lines in the field and on headlands.
  • Smart boundary recording: independent from the working width, even without any implement corrected.
  • Boundary shrinking: create new inner boundaries by setting the desired width of the headland. Manual guidance for all operations includes non-electric or non-ISOBUS implements.

Section Control (SC)

The Section Control makes sure that the implement’s sections will be switched on and off automatically. This avoids undesired overlap and operation outside the field border.

• Shut off sections when driving over previously covered areas

• Shut off sections when driving outside field boundary

• Shut off sections when driving backwards

• Headland control

• Manual override possibility

Variable Rate (VR)

The Variable Rate will automatically adjust the rate of your machine based on Variable Rate maps. It enables you to vary the rate of for example seeds, fertiliser and chemicals.

• Forward place specific rate from task to machine

• Record applied rate from machine to task

Multiple Guidance Lines
Now it is possible to add multiple Guidance Lines with a maximum of 20 guidelines per field. You are able to assign, select or delete any guideline you want. This functionality improves a higher flexibility during operation on the field.

Manual guidance with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL

The Benefits of using IsoMatch GEOCONTROL
Easy and comfort of operation, due to not having to manually switch on or off sections or change the application rate. You can focus 100% on driving in the field.
More efficient work and avoiding overlap leads to cost savings of 5-10% on fertiliser. Better growing conditions and increased yield.
With IsoMatch GEOCONTROL, working at night becomes very easy. IsoMatch GEOCONTROL reduces the workload considerably.

• Section control – Control up to 24 sections with an IsoMatch Tellus GO+ or 110 section with an IsoMatch Tellus PRO automatically
• Variable rate control – Always use the exact amount of fertilizer, chemicals or seeds needed
• Manual guidance – Stay within your guidance lines in the field
• Reports – with IsoMatch FarmCentre you can download reports remotely

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